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Preparing for the Mock class

Right Stuff Online Learning


  • You can use laptop/mobile phone for taking the mock class
  • You can use online board applications on screen sharing like following and use these during teaching 
  • Always be interactive during the mock classes
  • Be prepared for academic related questions
  • Considering the invigilators as student will be beneficial for you 
  • Giving more importance to concept learning would be better 
  • Make sure you are resolving judges doubts well 
  • Make sure the network is stable enough for taking classes 
  • Come up with more challenging topics rather than opting simple topics
  • Always feel free to ask your concerns during the classes 
  • Make sure you are not sharing any written notes while taking the class

Onboarding Procedures

If you are selected you are half way down , Selection in Right Stuff Learning is an important procedure because we really care about the students academics. After your mock session there will be some procedures as follows

Certificate Verification 

You will be required to produce the necessary certificates for the verification. There will be a background verification by our team

Academics Training

You will receive an academic training from our academic training team .It will cover all the aspects of academics.

Technical Training

Once you’re trained in academics, our technical team will help you with technical sector of Right Stuff Online Learning . The training will cover almost all technical requirements .

Interaction & behavior Training

This training session is vital because we are giving importance to interaction and good approach towards the students. Our trainers will guide you through our way of teaching and help you improve 

Adding to corresponding groups

Once you’re done with the training sessions you’ll be admitted to the corresponding groups 

You’re all set! 

Welcome to Right Stuff Online Learning