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Preparing for the Mock class

Right Stuff Online Learning


  1. Feel free to use either a laptop or mobile phone for the mock class.
  2. Utilize online board applications for screen sharing during teaching.
  3. Maintain a high level of interactivity during the mock classes.
  4. Be prepared to answer academic-related questions.
  5. Consider the invigilators as students for a more beneficial experience.
  6. Place emphasis on concept learning for better results.
  7. Ensure effective resolution of judges’ doubts.
  8. Check that your network is stable enough for conducting classes.
  9. Introduce more challenging topics rather than sticking to simpler ones.
  10. Always feel free to express any concerns during the classes.
  11. Ensure that you do not share any written notes while conducting the class.

Onboarding Procedures

“If you successfully pass the selection process, you’ve completed a significant step. Selection at Right Stuff Learning is a crucial procedure as we prioritize the academic well-being of our students. Following your mock session, you’ll undergo the following procedures:

  1. Certificate Verification – You must provide necessary certificates for verification, including a background check by our team.
  2. Academic Training– Our academic training team will provide comprehensive training covering all academic aspects.
  3. Technical Training– After academic training, our technical team will assist you with the technical requirements of Right Stuff Online Learning.
  4. Interaction & Behavior Training – This session is essential, emphasizing interaction and a positive approach to students. Our trainers will guide you in our teaching methodology to enhance your skills.
  5. To the classes – Upon completion of training sessions, you’ll be integrated into the corresponding groups.

You’re all set! Welcome to Right Stuff Online Learning!”