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At Right Stuff, we are committed to transparency, and we are always available to assist you with your subscription payments and any other related inquiries. There are no hidden fees or charges.

Interactive Classes

The concept of interactive classes aims to recreate a virtual classroom experience in the comfort of every student’s home, enabling them to learn in a manner that simulates an actual school environment.

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The goal of interactive classes is to provide students with a virtual classroom experience that replicates the atmosphere of a physical school, allowing them to learn comfortably from home.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

At Right Stuff, we offer various plans tailored to the needs of students in different grades. We also provide scholarship options for those who require financial assistance. Our fee structure is competitively priced to ensure affordability without compromising quality. For more information on our fees, please contact us for a detailed breakdown

Many people have expressed concerns about our foundation classes, but at Right Stuff, our foundation classes are designed to help your child achieve their academic goals. We bring in guest speakers from various professions, allowing students to interact with them and gain insight into the path they need to take to achieve their aspirations

We offer classes to students who reside in foreign countries. For those in Gulf countries, we have a regular batch available, while for those in other countries, we can arrange classes based on their convenient time and syllabus. Our team of expert faculty members is always on hand to answer any questions your child may have. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more about our offerings.

There are several benefits of interactive classes compared to pre-recorded ones. Firstly, interactive classes allow for real-time communication between the teacher and the students, creating a more engaging and interactive learning experience. This also allows for immediate feedback and clarification of any doubts or misunderstandings.

Secondly, interactive classes promote active participation and collaboration among students, enabling them to learn from each other’s perspectives and experiences. This can enhance their critical thinking and problem-solving skills, as well as their ability to work in a team.

Thirdly, interactive classes can be customized to suit the individual needs and learning styles of each student, which may not be possible in pre-recorded classes. This can result in better learning outcomes and academic performance.

Lastly, interactive classes can provide a more enjoyable and motivating learning environment, which can increase student engagement and retention of the material. Overall, interactive classes offer a more dynamic and effective approach to learning compared to pre-recorded ones.


At Right Stuff, we firmly believe that good education holds immense value, which is why we do not engage in fee negotiations. However, we do offer scholarships to students who are unable to afford our fees. Our mission is to provide an opportunity for everyone to learn, and we stand by this principle. Please feel free to contact us if you require further details.


The Personal Tuition program is designed to provide extra attention to your child when they require it. With dedicated instructors available at your child’s convenient time, they can receive one-on-one, in-person instruction.

We offer Personal Tuition for all subjects up to Standard up-to PG. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us for further information.

Our doubt clarification services are available 24/7, and you can register your doubts on the Help & Support page or through the chatbot on our website. Additionally, you may contact any faculty member who teaches your child’s class.

If the faculty member is unavailable at the time of your query, they will get in touch with you as soon as possible to clear your doubts.

We provide several fee slabs for Personal Tuition, with fees that are determined by the course and plan that you choose.

If you require more information, please feel free to contact us without any hesitation.

We offer classes for IELTS, OET, and Digital Marketing, and we plan to add more courses to our list. To see the current courses that we provide, please visit our courses page.

If you require further information, please do not hesitate to contact us

Being a parent is responsible and we are ready to handover that responsibility of your child’s study .

You are always welcome to join our classes with your child and we are having frequent test papers ,Homework’s ,Assignments and periodical parents meetings to analyze how your child performs

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